IWSE’s Pioneering Programs have adapted to the times and our communities’ needs.

IWSE in the 1940's


Volunteers began distributing milk to impoverished families with infants and toddlers.


The Society opened prenatal and pediatric health clinics in Evanston and provided home visits from nurses for disadvantaged families. Infant mortality in Evanston was reduced from 60 deaths per 1,000 births to 2.


Volunteers launched the annual Social Capers Calendar as a fundraising effort to support the work of the Society in the community.


Incorporation of IWSE formally separated the organization from Infant Welfare Society of Chicago to solely focus on Evanston.


IWSE’s focus changed direction from health care to child care. In Evanston there was an urgent need for care for infants and toddlers whose single mothers work.


IWSE opened Baby Toddler Nursery, the very first licensed child care center for infants and toddlers in the State of Illinois and one of the first in the nation.


IWSE pioneered the practice of screenings and services for young children to help them overcome delays and enter kindergarten ready to learn. The breadth of integrated services is still unmatched in the community.


IWSE opened Teen Baby Nursery, to provide care, early education, and early intervention to the children of teen parents enrolled in the local high school. Our innovative program has met huge success in keeping teens in school until they graduate.


IWSE began a partnership with the Childcare Network of Evanston and Evanston Child Care Center to provide Early Head Start child care services to the Evanston community in support of our area’s most impoverished families.


IWSE founded the Family Support Program to provide intensive, weekly home visits, prenatal education, crisis management and developmental evaluations for families who are living in poverty and at-risk in our area.


IWSE continues to help every parent build a successful family and every child thrive.