The First 1,100 Days

Announcing the “First 1,100 Days” — an Annual Giving Circle. Infant Welfare Society of Evanston has been a leader in the field of early childhood for over 100 years. We deliver exceptional care and education for infants and young children.

First 1,100 Days

What sets IWSE apart?

  • Small Class Sizes and Low Ratios: 3 teachers to 8 children
  • Extraordinary Attention to Social and Emotional Needs
  • Environments rich with learning materials and language
  • Developmental Screenings and Follow-Up
  • Care for Children with Special Needs. We accept all children, provided we can offer the best environment.
  • Minimal Transitions
  • Strong Partnerships with Parents
  • A Highly Educated and Diverse Staff and Diverse Families
  • Accredited by NAEYC and the Gold Circle of Quality Award from ExceleRate Illinois

Why 1,100 days?

In the first three years of life, the human brain is being built through experiences — both positive and negative. Pathways (synapses) are being created at a rapid pace. Never again will the brain absorb, transfer, or retain information as efficiently. If there is a lack of human interaction in this period, a process called pruning occurs. Pruning is lost brain function.

IWSE’s Impact

The quality of IWSE programs is unrivaled in our community. Our budget of almost $3 million is 62% from government grants and 12% from service fees but to maintain this margin of excellence we must raise 30% of our budget from philanthropy.

90% of the funds donated to IWSE are devoted to program expenses.

The donors listed below have made annual gifts of $1,100 and more. These individuals and family foundations have allowed us to list their names here and in our annual report in hopes that their gifts may be an incentive to others.

  • The Allyn Foundation
  • Anonymous
  • Beth Bodan
  • Laura and Kent Born
  • Clay Brock and Amy Pope Brock
  • Emily Corbett and Allan Allweiss
  • Joanne Edid and Donald Hey
  • Teresa Drews and Ed Getz
  • Joseph and Bessie Feinberg Foundation
  • Tyrie and Daryl Gardner
  • The Hanson Family Foundation
  • Richard Hemwall
  • Helen Hilken
  • Amy and Pete Kadens
  • Suzanne and Dan Kanter
  • Kathy Kaporis — Evanston Capital Management LLC
  • Louise Keely
  • Shelley and Edward Keller
  • Michael Klearman and Saralyn Sacks
  • Koya (for Anne McCarthy)
  • The Mammel Foundation
  • James K. Marousis — George Eisenberg Foundation
  • Carolyn and Peter Mattox
  • Anne McCarthy
  • Sarah McCarthy and Dermot Collins
  • Sally McFall and Jim Jackson
  • Ann and John Mommsen
  • Eleanor and William Revelle
  • Marsha Richman and Richard Lanyon
  • Selma Richman
  • Helene Rosenblum and Brad Pechter
  • Mary Beth Roth
  • Margaret Salamon, M.D. and David Snyder
  • Lynne and George Simon
  • Craig and Kelly Smith
  • Ingrid and Bill Stafford
  • Drs. Rhonda Stein and Ed Smolevitz
  • Eli Strick and Rachel Zimet Strick
  • Elizabeth Tisdahl
  • Julie Trester
  • Nicole Van Laan
  • Molly and Keith Veneziano
  • Lois Vick
  • Michael Walker and Ann Murdoch
  • Ward Manufacturing
  • Christopher Ward and Lisa Fontoura

Stephen Vick, Executive Director, will make a special presentation to the members listed above that will provide insights to IWSE’s vision for the future in fulfillment of our mission.

You can become a member today by donating online from this website or adding to a gift you have already made. Please email Nancy Phillips or call her at 847.491.9650 x 20 with any questions.