Teen Baby Nursery

Our Teen Baby Nursery staff is particularly skilled at working with teen parents and their children.

Teen Baby Nursery

Teen Baby Nursery (TBN) is a NAEYC Accredited, full-day child care and early education program with a capacity for 16 children of teen parents ages 14 to 22 who live in Evanston.. Specializing in infant and toddler care for children of teenage parents, Teen Baby Nursery is committed to ensuring that children enter school ready to learn.

Core Values

The Infant Welfare Society of Evanston and our Teen Baby Nursery are dedicated to providing the highest quality child care and early education, guided by our Core Values:

  • Communication
  • Respect
  • Individualization
  • Support
  • Consistency
  • Diversity

Delivering on our Core Values

Relationship Based Care

Relationships between our children, teachers and families are key to our high-quality care. Relationship-based care focuses on the daily routines and experiences of the children. Even routine activities such as diapering and feeding help nurture a consistency that makes children feel cherished and safe to explore the world. TBN teachers sing, laugh, smile and talk with children — every moment is used for positive interaction. We use a research-based curriculum that is designed to support learning and development.

Low Teacher-Child Ratio

Our small classroom size and a ratio of 3 teachers for 8 children helps assure that all children receive personalized attention and care throughout the day.

Close Partnerships with Families

Teen Baby Nursery parents are encouraged to participate in prenatal care and parenting workshops:

  • Staff is particularly skilled at working with teen parents and with their children
  • We assist young parents as they prepare for and face the challenges of parenthood
  • Only 47 percent of teen mothers complete high school nationwide, but
  • 90% percent of Teen Baby Nursery participants have graduated in recent years — and many go on to college